Saturday, 28 June 2014


L to R : Ryan Yong, Ryan Wong, Samuel Chia, Darren Tan

Ryan is defending his title here which he won 7 months ago. This time is different as there are more non-members participating this time around.
Ryan began his campaign against a fast improving Wong Hong Yuan which he had beaten before in the November 2013 tournament. This time Ryan was stretched to rubber game winning by the skin of his teeth 21-18, 15-21, 22-20. In the quarter final, Ryan again had to labour for a three setter against a lithe Rex Hooi. Fortunately Rex tired out in the second half of the third set and Ryan took the serving on the plate but not without some anxious moments.

In the semi-final, Ryan was up against a giant of a boy, Samuel Chia which again was stretched to a rubber game. This time Ryan had no answer to Samuel’s hard smashes using his height and strength to his full advantage. The 3rd and 4th placing was academic as Ryan breezed past his opponent by a large margin. So Ryan had to settle for a bronze medal and took home a Dunlop shoe bag with a tube of shuttle cocks.

Aaron’s mysterious poor form continued in this tournament. The only notable game was against his Putrajaya mate Darren Tan in the quarter final which he lost uncharacteristically. I was utterly disappointed and had no answers to his poor performance.  It is a game which we would want to forget and move on. Darren went on to become runner-up after losing to Samuel Chia in the final.


1st Round :           Ryan vs Bye

2nd Round :          Ryan vs Wong Hong Yuan             21-18, 15-21, 22-20

Quarter-Final :   Ryan vs Rex Hooi                              21-18, 15-18, 21-16

Semi-Final :         Ryan vs Samuel Chia                       21-11, 9-21, 18-21

3rd Placing :         Ryan vs Ryan Yong                           21-2, 21-2           


1st Round :           Aaron vs Wee Pang Sheng           Walkover

2nd Round :          Aaron vs Dey Dilshadh                   21-3, 21-4

Quarter-Final :   Aaron vs Darren Tan                       22-20, 18-21, 17-21

Friday, 20 June 2014


1)        In BCA Indonesian Open 2014 Superseries in  Jakarta, the following statistics were derived from men singles matches on average.
            a)    Average time per set = 18.6 mins (21 pts system)

      b)    Average time per point = 30.9 sec

      c)    Average points per set = 36 points (ie. 21 – 15) 

 2)         Tennis vs. Badminton

The speed and the stamina required for badminton are far greater than for any other racket sport.  At the 1985 All England (Tennis) Championships, Boris Becker defeated Kevin Curren, 6-3, 6-7, 7-6, 6-4.  At the 1985 World Badminton Championships in Calgary, Canada, Han Jian of China defeated Morten Frost of Denmark, 14-18, 15-10, 15-8.  The following is a statistical comparison of those matches.
           a) Time:  Tennis, 3 hours and 18 mins.  Badminton, 1 hour and 16 mins.

           b) Shuttle in Play:  Tennis, 18 mins.  Badminton, 37 mins. (15 points system)

           c) Match Intensity*:  Tennis, 9 percent.  Badminton, 48 percent.

           d) Rallies:  Tennis 299.  Badminton, 146.

           e) Shots:  Tennis, 1,004.  Badminton, 1,972.

            f) Shots Per Rally:  Tennis, 3.4.  Badminton, 13.5.

            g) Distance Covered:  Tennis, 2 miles.  Badminton, 4 miles.

            Note that the badminton players competed for half the time, yet ran twice as far and hit   
            nearly twice as many shots.

 3)      Longest Rally

a) Men Singles : BWF World Championships 2013 in China, Nguyen Tien Minh (Vietnam) vs Jan O Jorgensen (Denmark) 108 strokes

b) Mix Doubles : Sudirman Cup 2003 in Netherlands, Ra Kyung Min / Lee Kyung Won (Korea) vs Rikke Olsen / Ann Lou Jorgensen (Denmark) 157 strokes

4)       Any Helpful Rituals?
On tournament day, before we let the boys out of the car, we will join hands together     and get the boys to proclaim out loud that they want to win in every game and give it a go to the Final. This is to set a correct frame of mind in the beginning of the tournament. It certainly works for the boys.
5)       How about Training one day before a Tournament?
          Normally yes but light to moderate workout.

6)       How do you relax in between matches during the Tournament?
Play smart phone games.
7)       What is your most common injury?
             R : Ankle aches.
             A : Knee aches.

8)       Do you play better in the mornings or in the afternoons? Why?
          Afternoons. Morning is cold which make the body stiff.

9)       Any particular preparation by the dad before any Tournament?
           Yes. If I know the Tournament courts are parquet flooring, I would make an effort to

           wash the sole of their shoes the night before the Tournament. This is to get a bit  
           more grip out of their shoes.

Monday, 9 June 2014


In this Tournament, only Lim Chun Yeh stood in their way. 
This is the second instalment of PBVKL’s tournament in 2014 held in Champions Badminton Hall in Taman Kepong, KL. This was a much better organised tournament than the first one in Stadium Badminton Cheras KL although some of the nets with gaping holes needed replacing.

Ryan was on song in this tournament. In his quarter final match against a gutsy Hossin, Ryan was trailing 0 – 7 and 10 – 15 before the changeover. We noticed Hossin left a sizeable gap in front of the net and during the break we pointed to him to take the net. His caught up and eventually persevered and won the match 30 – 25.

In the semi finals, Ryan met Lim Chun Yeh again whom he lost a week ago at the Sunlight tournament. This time Ryan fought tooth and nail all the way to rubber set and was leading 19 – 17. Somehow, Lim Chun Yeh found it in his reserves to force a deuce 20 – 20.  Then two winners from Chun Yeh rendered Ryan second time unlucky going down 20 - 22. He was in tears but we consoled him because he had displayed marked improvement in prolonging his rallies and making successful front lunges. Most of all, his mental approach to this tournament was exemplary.

Aaron was not very much troubled in his run up to the final but I noted his game was smeared with bits of silly errors. He may be trying out some stuff and I was not very convinced that he was heeding to our advice.  In the final vs Lim Chun Yeh, his body language after coming out short in the first set did not look very good. Lim Chun Yeh had all the answers to his attempts and he was getting frustrated as the game progressed. Up to the last third of the second set, Aaron snapped and flung his racquet out of frustration. The game was lost after that.

In the U12 doubles, the brothers were also untroubled until the semi finals against Times BA duo of Kingston Tan and Lee Chen Shen.  Both of them were lanky and had strong smashes. It was a contest of fast exchanges between both pairs. The brothers was overwhelmed in the first set but made a strong came back in the second. In the decider, both brothers could not last the pace and their defence began showing signs of cracks with many unforced errors. At last, they conceded to the better pair. Both Kingston and Lee eventually became champions.

While Ryan struck a right tune in this tournament, we cannot say the same for Aaron. We saw the untamed side him let loose in the heat of the moment. Despite the glittering medals the boys brought back home, there wasn’t much celebration to it. Maybe it was due to lack of product sponsors or monetary reward and the boys must have sense that taking losses badly is not very sportsman like. I talked this over with Aaron’s but this young man with little words may need his own time and space for this. This is what he will get.


1st Round – Aaron vs  Bye

2nd Round – Aaron vs Lee Choon Shen    30 – 22

3rd Round – Aaron vs S. Khabilan              30 – 16

Qtr Final – Aaron vs Wong Hong Yuan     30 – 27

Semi-Final – Aaron vs Roslin                        21 – 9, 21 – 11

Final-Aaron vs Lim Chun Yeh                       17 – 21, 12 – 21

1st Round – Ryan vs Hosinth Rao                  30 – 12

2nd Round – Ryan vs Muhd Taufik Faisal     30 –  9

3rd Round – Ryan vs Chai Chun Hong          30 – 11

Qtr Final – Ryan vs Hossin                             30 – 25

Semi-Final – Ryan vs Lim Chun Yeh           21 – 19, 9 – 21, 20 – 22


1st Round – Ryan/Aaron vs Zairi Idris/Chai Chun Hong                      30 – 12

Qtr Final – Ryan/Aaron vs Hosinth/Pavithran                                      30 – 22

Semi-Final – Ryan/Aaron vs Kingston Tan/Lee Chen Shen                16 – 21, 22 – 20, 12 – 21

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Sunlight Junior Badminton Cup 2014

This tournament was held in Sunlight Badminton Hall in Taman Kencana, KL. Despite limiting the state players from participating, it still attracted a decent number of participants.  As such, coach Andy was optimistic the boys could make something out of this.

Ryan kicked off his U12 singles with a 30 – 1 drubbing over his first opponent. His subsequent games were also a walk in the park. His worthy challenger only appeared during quarter final in the form of Lim Chun Yeh. Early in the game, it was clear Ryan could not match the racket craft of his opponent. In spite of all the tricks in the book to frustrate his opponent, Ryan managed to garner 22 points but not without a good fight.

Aaron’s went about his singles campaign like another day at work in the office. His quarter final thriller with KL based Tan Ming Yue was the highlight of the day winning by just one point 30 – 29. During this break, I offered dumplings to the boys fearing they might be hungry. It proved a costly mistake. When Aaron took on Lee Kai Wen in the semi final, he developed stomach cramps in the second set despite winning it. In the decider, it was clear Aaron was affected by the discomfort and took his foot off the pedal. Lee Kai Wen went on to win in the final as U12 singles Champion. I regretted offering the dumpling to him earlier. As I reflected his game, especially coming back in the second set, I was convinced for a while, that he really could take the decider under better circumstances.

The U12 doubles were supposed to be the boys trump card since the group was small  and they have been trained exclusively for doubles in Putrajaya. They even won their quarter final match against Lee Kai Wen pairing whom had beaten Aaron in singles earlier. In the semi final, from their first set win, I had this sure feeling like we were already home and dry. Unexpectedly, their game fell apart in the second set when their opponents upped the pace of the game. The decider was equally frustrating as the boys committed many unforced errors. The game went right down to the wire with 20-20 deuce, then their opponent snatched a point 21 – 20 and called for time out. When the game resumed, the score levelled again at 21 -21. Nail biting finish it was.  Then in a flash, Ryan committed two successive errors to give the game away at 21 – 23. I sat there in disbelief.

The boys and their booty
For their effort as semi finalist, Aaron was rewarded with two Yosen sponsored bags and two medals whereas Ryan also walked away with one each.  One thing I have to give credit to the two boys this time was that they did not quarrel in court like they used to. I suppose this was one positive we can take back home as they continue to mature in their game. They have another back-to-back tournament in a week’s timein Kepong. So stay tuned.


1st Round – Aaron vs  Bye

2nd Round – Aaron vs Ong Sheng Kai        30 – 23

3rd Round – Aaron vs Ivan Loo                    30 –  7

4th Round – Aaron vs Ng Zhi Wen              30 – 11

Qtr Final – Aaron vs Tan Ming Yue            30 – 29

Semi-Final – Aaron vs Lee Kai Wen           14 – 21, 21 – 9, 13 – 21

1st Round – Ryan vs Bye

2nd Round – Ryan vs Tay Ming Hong         30 – 1

3rd Round – Ryan vs Chan Yong Yao          30 – 10

4th Round – Ryan vs Lau Chun Yi                 30 – 10

Qtr Final – Ryan vs Lim Chun Yeh               22 – 30


1st Round – Ryan/Aaron vs Bye

2nd Round  – Ryan/Aaron vs Lok Kah Sheng/Ong Sheng Khai         30 – 11

Qtr Final – Ryan/Aaron vs Lee Kai Wen/Chia Ming Jie                      30 – 17

Semi-Final – Ryan/Aaron vs Bryan Chang/Tan Ming Yue                 21 – 13, 14 – 21, 21 – 23

Monday, 5 May 2014

MSSS 2014

MSSS 2014 in Sepang
Subsequent to the MSSD triumph, all 4 players from the Ladang Harcroft doubles finalist were called for centralized training in preparation for the MSSS competition (inter-Selangor district).  Unfortunately, Ryan was dropped from his partnership with Lee Jie Quan in favour of another singles finalist, Siow Zi Feng.  However,  Aaron and Jie Yang’s partnership were retained as second doubles because the coaches wanted to develop them for next year’s MSSD/S.

This year’s MSSS competition was held in Sepang but clashed with the National Junior Circuit 2nd Leg in Melaka. Therefore, both tournaments suffered some dilution of players – something which both BAM and Kementerian Pendidikan should have done better. In the end, the team lost their top singles player, Muazzam Danish to the Circuit. Petaling Perdana U12 boys team therefore comprised as follows :

First Singles        : Amirul Arazi
Second Singles : Siow Zi Feng
First Doubles      : Lee Jie Quan / Siow Zi Feng
Second Doubles : Aaron Wong / Tan Jie Yang

Aaron had to skip school for one week due to the centralized training in MBA, Puchong together with the other gender and age categories. On the hindsight, Ryan’s omission from MSSS was also a blessing in disguise as he avoided skipping his classes since he had to sit for his first term exams in the same week with MSSS. Ryan, like all 12 year olds, will be sitting for his UPSR this year.

The team had to stay in Sepang over 3 nights. Again I was unable to attend due to work exigencies, therefore my wife had to cover on my behalf.  Sadly, the results for Petaling Perdana team was disappointing. The first doubles crashed out in the first round. Aaron / Jie Yang had a first round  bye and won their second round. The next day, they met with their Putrajaya mates, Aziq & Rahman and went down after a closely fought battle in the second set.  Both singles also crashed out in the quarter finals. Thus Aaron’s MSSS journey ended rather unglamorously but from the coaches prediction, Aaron is favorite to be seeded top in 2015 Petaling Perdana MSSD. We shall see.  

Round 1   Aaron/Jie Yang PP           vs            Bye
Round 2   Aaron/Jie Yang PP           vs            Heng Mok Joo/Azam Fahmi SB   21 – 5, 21 - 12
Qtr Final  Aaron/Jie Yang PP           vs            Aziq Nabihan/Abdul RahmanHL   11 – 21, 24 - 26

Friday, 11 April 2014


What does a BAM ID mean to the boys? They may not realize it but you can sense the zeal for it like a holy grail of badminton. I see it more like an aspiration for the boys to avail themselves the opportunity to be up there with the cream. Again I go back to this maxim, “To run as fast as a gazelle, you must be in the herd of the gazelles.”

It’s also a ticket to participate in BAM sanctioned tournaments, like a tertiary pool for BAM to search for grass root talents. The secondary pool being Bukit Jalil Sports School (in which national juniors are picked from) and the primary pool, the national back-up squad. Of late, BAM is also keeping their eyes open for worthy independent players who are scattered all over private clubs with reference to ex-BAM players who quit from the national team.

Therefore, the ID, looks as though it’s a passport and a stepping stone to BAM’s institution of badminton albeit not essential but it’s something advantageous to have. The boys may not understand the significance of it yet but they know it has an aura of status by having one. The important thing is, they know to live with it, they have to work very hard. That to me is a reason enough as any to have an ID. 

Thursday, 10 April 2014

MSSD 2014

SRKC Ladang Harcroft Puchong - swept 3 titles
This year’s MSSD Petaling Perdana District was held in MBA, the boy’s old home training ground. The only regret I had was I could not attend their games due to my work commitments. Nevertheless, they were in good hands as their school teachers and PTA volunteers were there to see to their needs.

Since the school could only submit 2 names for U12 singles and 2 pairs for U12 doubles, Aaron was chosen ahead of his older brother to play second singles. Lee Jie Quan remained the first choice. In doubles, Ryan was paired up with Lee Jie Quan since they have some chemistry going on between them while Aaron was paired with Tan Jie Yang as second doubles.

Jie Quan/Ryan Boys U12 Doubles Champion
In the singles event, Jie Quan went all the way up to quarter final before he faltered under the hands of a Selangor player Muazzam Danish.  Aaron had a bye in the first round. In the second round he was drawn to play with his PutraJaya mate, Darren Tan. We did not expect Aaron to be troubled since he had a good winning streak against Darren of late. Unexpectedly, he did lose and terribly as well. We wondered how was it that he caught a Liew Darren syndrome. We suspected it could be due to a mild strain on both his knee.

Fortunately, the disappointment in his early elimination in singles was made up with good doubles performance with his partner Tan Jie Yang.  This 11 year old pair did the unexpected by eliminating all their opponents including top seed Muazzam/Arif in the semi finals to meet with their school’s top pair, Ryan/Jie Quan in the final.

Aaron/Jie Yang Boys U12 Runners Up
Enroute to final, Ryan/Jie Quan also upset the second seeded pair of Amirul Arazi/M Jazlan. The all Ladang Harcroft final gave big smiles to everyone in the school camp. The cheers did not stop here because over in the U12 girls category, the doubles final were again another all Ladang Harcroft affair. The icing on the cake was that we have also clinged the girls U12 singles title.

In the closing of day, we were in a daze of having SRKC Ladang Harcroft swept all 3 titles, Girls singles, Girls Doubles and Boys Doubles. Both doubles runner-ups pairs were also Ladang Harcroft’s. This has been the best MSSD badminton performance the school has ever produced and we were all very proud to have contributed to this success. The boys and girls were finally treated with Mc Donald’s for lunch by the school stewards and I’m sure the celebration euphoria will certainly linger a little longer in the coming weeks at school – and deservingly so.  

Round 1  Aaron LH       vs       Bye
Round 2 Aaron LH        vs       Darren Tan LGH           13 - 30

Round 1  Aaron/Jie Yang LH       vs       Dhirran/Vignesh LM                                   30 – 6
Round 2  Aaron/Jie Yang LH       vs       Zairi/Mohd Faiz PBP1                                30 – 17
Round 3  Aaron/Jie Yang LH       vs       Ryan Chang/Wong Ting Xuan SRD B2         30 – 24
Round 4  Aaron/Jie Yang LH       vs       Visnu Girioran/See Pei Shen Help               30 – 18
Quarter Final  Aaron/Jie Yang LH       vs       Siow Zi Feng/Choong Jing Liang SRD B1  30 – 24
Semi Final      Aaron/Jie Yang LH       vs       Muazzam/Arif Zafry SBG                 21 – 7, 21 - 13
Final              Aaron/Jie Yang LH        vs       Ryan/Jie Quan LH                          13 -21, 14 – 21

Round 1  Ryan/Jie Quan LH        vs       Bye
Round 2  Ryan/Jie Quan LH        vs       Tan Jun Hoe/Cheong Chien Shen CW          30 – 17
Round 3  Ryan/Jie Quan LH        vs       Andrew Lau/Sie Yie Yu SRD B1                  30 – 12
Round 4  Ryan/Jie Quan LH        vs       Kevin Lim/Eugene Phang Sri KL                  30 – 7
Quarter Final  Ryan/Jie Quan LH        vs       Darren Tan/Brandon Ang LGH              30 – 9
Semi Final      Ryan/Jie Quan LH        vs       Amirul Arazi/M Jazlan SBGB          21 – 9, 21 - 12   
Final              Ryan/Jie Quan LH         vs       Aaron/Jie Yang LH                         21 – 13, 21 - 14